Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Wednesday, May 25, 2022

On Going works

S.No District Block Gram Panchayat Work Name (Work Code) Executing Level Work Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Est. labour component(in RS.) Est. material component(in RS.) Actual exp. on labour(in RS.) Actual exp. on material(in RS.)
1JIND NARWANA SURJA KHERA Rep. & Maint. of community ponds for community Digging of Chilana Wala Pond Surja Khera  (1214001003/WC/1000021218) GP 17/06/2021 1835935.79 349527 348075 12600
2  NARWANA SURJA KHERA Const.of Nalla From Balmiki Choupal TO Firni Surja Khera  (1214001003/WC/1000022065) GP 21/10/2021 77724.49 276639.91 7875 0
3  NARWANA FRAIN KALAN Renovation of Community ponds for Community Digging of Khem Wala Pond Frain Kalan  (1214001006/WC/1000017881) GP 30/05/2020 1724629.4 621491 374220 0
4  NARWANA FRAIN KALAN Renovation of Community ponds for community Digging of Kheme Wala Pond  (1214001006/WC/1000020269) GP 22/04/2021 1895684.98 587278 402570 7434
5  NARWANA KALODA KHURD Const. of Community Water Harvesting Pond For Community Digging of New Pond For Dirty Water Kaloda k  (1214001010/WC/1000020111) GP 08/04/2021 912207.62 668913 420525 43388
6  NARWANA AMARGARH Rising of R/Wall of Pond Amargarh  (1214001015/WC/1000022243) GP 15/12/2021 34597.43 307521.12 37170 0
7  NARWANA KARAMGARH Const.of Community Water Harvesting ponds for Digging of Kandhu Wali Jorhi Karamgarh  (1214001023/WC/1000021277) GP 28/06/2021 695147.93 285117 150255 2520
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